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Cancer Nurse Agency. Specialised Nurses for Cancer patients at Home and in Hospital.

QCC, Qualified Cancer Care, for Oncology Nurses, Home Care Cancer Nursing, Private Cancer Carers, Residential Cancer Care, IV Home Therapy Hospital Nurses, Chemotherapy Nurses, Specialist Cancer Nurses administering Home Infusions, Self Injection, Palliative Care, Apheresis, Venepuncture and Cannulation Skills for Hospitals and Cancer Home Care.

WHO WE ARE QCC Qualified Cancer Care, the top UK Nursing Provider, established in 1995 to provide patients with a high standard of treatment and care at home or in hospital, QCC supplies Chemotherapy Nurses, Acute ITU Nurses and General Nurses to UK hospitals and Homecare sector. The reputation of the QCCCancer Nurse has grown and today 90% of all Oncology and Haematology units in Greater London Hospitals are supplied by QCC. QCC Nurses who administer treatments are certified with 2 years work experience in Oncology, Haematology, ITU, Surgical, A & E. Nurses and Auxiliary Carers providing homecare must also work in hospitals to be updated with the ever-changing practices in Oncology, Cancer and other medical practices. QCC Nurses and Carers provide treatments including Infusion, Chemotherapy, Bloods, Feeds and Care to Patients in their own home, meaning less disruption to their daily lives, with reduced infections, helping the patient to have a better quality of life during their illness.

QCC SPECIALISED CANCER CARE QCC is the UK's foremost supplier of Specialised Oncology Nurses for Private Homecare and hospitals. We take pride in our individual and personal approach with our Nurses and Carers, hospitals and private clients ensuring patients receive the highest standards of care. Whether you want to find a job that exercises your skills, or you are finding it difficult to fill that Specialised Cancer Nurse position or you may need to find help with Home Infusions for a relative or friend at home, QCC is here to help you. QCC can also train private patients in Self Injection and how to clean and care for their lines.

CANCER HOME CARE QCC staff are available for all your Private Cancer Care and treatments, Infusions in the home, from a few hours to 24/7. QCC specialise in personalised, individual care, for Infusions, IV Home Therapy, Chemotherapy, Blood products, Palliative Care and other Cancer Treatments.Treating patients at home and providing the convenience and dignity of Private Infusions at Home which gives the patient and their family little disruption and improves their quality of life. Our named nurse provides, Individual Care and Personalised Cancer Care with their specialised nursing skills in the comfort and convenience of the home. Patients have greater independence and can continue working and maintaining their usual life style. Visits will be arranged to suit their needs. Our Cancer Care Team works with your doctor and district nurse to provide patients with the care and treatment that is needed and can integrate with other services such as Marie Curie, Macmillan and Hospice Nurses for seamless care.

Cancer Carers QCC Nurses and Carers are trained in Palliative Care with Manual Handling, Resuscitation and Health Safety. Our nurses who administer acute treatments are certified or have at

least 1-2 years experience in Oncology Care, Haematology Care and Palliative Care and regularly work in the UK's leading hospitals which keeps Nurses updated to all the latest drugs and practices. QCC can provide care from just 2-4 to 24 hour's, seven days a week. QCC Carers, Provide Palliative Care, Escort patients' to and from hospital, assist the patient with self medication and oxygen administration. RN Nurses provide Infusions, Antibiotic administration, Transfusions, Blood Products and Blood tests, Chemotherapy, Anti TNF (Teaching patients to self inject), Nutritional Feeds, Residential cancercare, Escort patients home, UK or worldwide, Wound Management.

QCC NURSE RECRUITMENT IN THE UK QCC always has Nursing Positions available for full and part-time jobs in Oncology Wards, Palliative Care in the community and Research Posts. Use the contacts and knowledge of our experienced staff to personally find the perfect job for you. All Nurses must comply with the new legislation; Hep B. with Titre Level, Hep C, Rubella, TB BCG, Varicella, Mumps, Measles tests from Occupational or GP. Criminal Records Bureau Documentation, Health Safety, CPR, Manual Handling, Fire Regulation, Medication and Hygiene yearly updated certificates. These courses can be arranged by QCC.

QCC HOSPITAL NURSE RECRUITMENT QCC's extensive database of national and international Oncology Nurses, QCC can find the right Nursing Staff for your hospital's research, Haematology Nurses and Palliative Care Nurses, Radiographers MRI, Radiotherapists, ITU, Critical Care Nurses, General Needs. Our high standard of UK Nurse Recruitment and appraisal ensures clients employ reliable and highly skilled Medical Staff.

NURSING CAREERS QCC Nurse Recruitment, The Leading Oncology Nurse Provider In the UK. QCC listens and helps you find the work you want. QCC's staff deal individually with your requirements, looking for quality positions to suit your needs. We have Permanent or Part Time with 75% of leading Oncology, Haematology, Palliative Units/ Wards, hospitals and casual work is also available. We understand and respect the time and effort you have spent learning your skills and work with Hospital Nurse Managers, giving us the ability to help you with the progression of your career and find work that makes full use of your knowledge. QCC has become the only specialised Oncology Nursing Recruitment Agency and the leading provider for hospitals in the UK. We have an excellent reputation for recruiting and supplying trained, skilled and experienced nurses in all areas of Oncology, Haematology, Apheresis and Palliative Care, from around the world. QCC is now offering work to Skilled General Nurses, ICU Nurses, Surgical Nurses, ODP, Neonatal and Paediatric Nurses. We have full and part time work available from 7.5 to 37.5 hours a week at excellent Band 5 and Band 6 rates. As the UK's leading Oncology Nurse Recruitment Provider we recognize the ever growing need in the Public and Private sector for qualified and experienced staff in all areas of Cancer Nursing. QCC nurses are skilled and experienced in the areas of Oncology and Haematology with Venepuncture and Cannulation Skills. QCC Providing Nurses for: Oncology Wards, Day Units, Haematology Wards, Palliative Care, ITU, A & E, Radiographers and General Nurses.